Infinnovation partnered as technical subcontractor to Studio JOJ for the IDB Media Circle to create an installation for the Inter-American Development Bank in Washington D.C.  The event, “Housing, What’s Next?” incorporated a multi-media exhibition explaining the sustainable urban renewal and innovation work of the bank.   We supplied technical consultancy services to assist with the hardware design, licensed copies of our pro-edition PiWall software and bespoke customisation including HMI and automation software.

The project lead, Joe Jacobson is a talented designer and multi-skilled technical/creative innovator with a background in architecture, audiovisual art and sculptural robotics.  His vision for the exhibition was to create an installation with 76 HD screens arranged with two concentric circles of video display panels accompanied by a static signboard made up of a further 8 HD screens.

The first phases of the project involved hardware design and procurement leading to prototype construction and software testing in Studio JOJ’s current location in New York city.   The equipment was then shipped to the installation space in Washington for final construction.   Infinnovation developed custom HMI and automation scripts to simplify the process of configuring 84 raspberry pi computers to apply the PiWall pro-edition software to run the exhibition show.   The main feature of our software that supported the creative vision were the SyncVideo plugin which runs synchronised playback of independent videos on each tile in the system with tight synchronisation being achieved through the use of the IEEE1588 precision time protocol.   We also used display layering features to control the display background, as well as flask based web HMI for easy show management.   To maximise system reliability, we provided a customised OS installation with a read-only root filesystem.

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