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About Us

Infinnovation is a small but dynamic company based near Oxford in the UK.  We innovate in the fields of software and electronics.    Our initial product is the PiWall video wall, built on the Raspberry Pi platform.   We have released this in an open-source variant to give something back to the Pi community, and also offer a professional edition with commercial support and customisation services.  The PiWall has been used for an 80 screen system at the Eaux Claires festival backing a live gig and an 86 screen system is about to go live on another project to be announced soon.We have also worked on other digital signage installations, custom tradeshow system and implemented a construction site time-lapse photography project.   Timelapse is simple, but running reliably for months when the installation is on the roof of a Nuclear Fusion reactor, without power, has some interesting challenges.

Amongst other technologies, we are becoming competent in OpenCV techniques. See our post on autoconfiguration for more explanation.  We have interests and skills in any imaginable software (from writing operating systems, through real-time embedded system stacks, data analytics and visualisation and graphics).  We also have electronics and 3-D design and manufacturing expertise.  If you can imagine it, we can implement it.  If you can’t imagine it yet, maybe we can help.   Our team includes mathematicians, physicists and computer scientists and though we are currently a compact group, we have extensive networks to highly skilled organisations and individuals in many fields.

Our main commitment is to Nuclear Fusion research, and we are building our innovation business as a part-time additional activity, with aspirations to secure funding which would enable us to hire additional smart creatives and scale up.   We can take on a limited number of contracts and tend to pick problems to work on that are particularly challenging or innovative.   We don’t have time to respond to everyone who gets in touch, so if your project or request doesn’t make it to the top of the list – apologies.