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  1. Hi,

    I read in the forum that the commercial version supports edge blending and other features. But i can’t find any info or pricing. Could you email me Some info?



  2. I’m interested in building a full motion video wall with 4K monitors. I’m not married to Raspberry Pi, for zero clients and expect to use gigE for comms therefore pi is out for that reason and it’s lack of 4K support. I’ve seen references to PiWall Pro. Does it address any of these desires/wants? Is it commercialized yet? Can you direct me to more info?

    Having built these at large scale, do you have suggestions on the most economical zero-edge/bezel displays? My wall is 7.62 meters across which I intend to divide into 3 video windows. I would appreciate suggestions as to the most economical approach for achieving this.

    THANKS FOR POSTING THE PIWALL project!! It has been at the back of my mind for several years. I intend to build a small one with monitors first, but am planning on doing the room size wall if it is economically feasible.

    David Johnson

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